Femme Power Picks: May 22nd!

Scroll through our recommendations for May 22nd's New Comic Book Day, listed below!

This week is light on new comic series, with just one mini-series making our list: Clue: Candlestick! We are huge fans of Clue in all its many forms (one of us may have dressed as Mrs. Peacock for Halloween in 3rd grade), so we're excited to give this new run from Dash Shaw a go.

Luckily, there are plenty of returning favorite comics and new graphic novels to keep us busy reading this week. For returning favorites, we have Avant-Guards, Batgirl, Monstress, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and Runaways- just to name a few!

Now to jump in with some of the exciting new graphic novels: first up we have Lorna from Silver Sprocket! Lorna comes to us from the same creator as Catboy (one of our favorites!), and tells the story of a "normal" young woman just trying to learn about friendship and romance, only with a murderous twist! We would be remiss if we didn't point out the new graphic novel Meat and Bone by Kat Verhoeven. This story finds protagonist Anne at a tough point in her life both professionally and romantically, and does a deep dive examining how her body image is being impacted by those around her as well as how it is impacting other areas of her life. We had the opportunity to read an early release copy of this book a few months ago and personally found it hitting a little too close to home. We happen to think that's the mark of a good writer, but it's also worth noting in case you are also someone who might find it challenging to read a book focused on women's bodies.

Lastly, while not technically a new graphic novel, we wanted to point out the release of a new Black Magick hardcover! We really enjoyed the first arc of this series following witch and detective Rowan Black, so we're excited its being printed in one convenient (and beautiful) book!

Also!- Have you heard the good news? You can now purchase comics and graphic novels in our shop! We've so appreciated the feedback we've gotten so far, but please continue to send us messages on Facebook and Instagram as we decide what to stock in our shop!

Each title, listed below in alphabetical order, includes cover art and a brief description. To learn more about each title, click on the cover art image and head over to Previews World!

Are there other titles you're picking up this week? What are we missing from our list? Become a member of Femme Power Comix and let us know in the comments section!

Asgardians of the Galaxy #9

MAR190814 (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Paolo Villanelli (CA) Gerardo Sandoval WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! New York City is overrun with Malekith's invasion forces. Earth is inches from falling to the Dark Elf King. And with Thor missing in Jotunheim, All-Father Odin injured and All-Mother Freyja about to embark on a mission of her own, Valkyrie is one of the few gods left to face the onslaught. But her fate is intertwined with another. What of Annabelle Riggs, the mortal girl who shares the body of a god? THE RIDE OF THE VALKYRIE begins here!

Assassin Nation #3

MAR190196 (W) Kyle Starks (A/CA) Erica Henderson Our surviving hitmen go into full-on kill mode as they try to take down the leader of the Merda Morra gang and maybe finally put this whole thing to bed. Though, you know, it IS a whole gang they'll have to fight, and they WILL have to take down current No. 1 hitman Taipan to get the job done. Want to take bets on how many get out of this issue alive?

Avant-Guards #5

MAR191269 (W) Carly Usdin (A/CA) Noah Hayes The Avant-Guards have been on a roll when it comes to their newly-formed Athletic Coalition, and Charlie has been getting more comfortable with her new teammates, but when they hit the end of their winning-streak, will these new friendships survive?

Avengers #19

MAR190827 (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Ed McGuinness WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! Avengers Mountain is under siege as the last stronghold of Earth's heroes is the subject of an all-out assault by the forces of Malekith!

Batgirl #35

MAR190485 (W) Mairghread Scott (A) Paul Pelletier, Norm Rapmund (CA) Francis Manapul After Batgirl's discovery of the Terrible Trio's bid to control the Gotham underworld, she's immediately off to investigate-starting with the group's muscle...the Shark! Can Babs use her wits to survive a showdown with this bro turned bruiser? Or is he just a warm-up for the battle to come against this band of wild criminals?

Black Magick HC

JAN190138 (W) Greg Rucka (A/CA) Nicola Scott The complete first chapter of the critically acclaimed series from New York Times bestselling creators GREG RUCKA and NICOLA SCOTT, assembled together for the first time! Rowan Black is awakening to the almost unimaginable power that is her inheritance-a power she neither wants nor is able to refuse. But all power comes at a price, and those who seek to destroy her may not be as dangerous as those who wish to control her. Yet when one's will can alter reality, the ultimate enemy may be the human heart. Collects BLACK MAGICK #1-11, plus additional content, artifacts, and back-matter designed by ERIC TRAUTMANN.

Books of Magic #8

MAR190497 (W) Kat Howard (A) Tom Fowler (CA) Kai Carpenter A new storyline begins! After running away to Faerie, Tim Hunter finds himself forgetting why he fled home in the first place. Not that he's complaining! Magic is so much more fun when consequences and math quizzes are no longer one's main concerns. But what's Titania, queen of the faeries, want with the young Tim Hunter, and why does it have Rose more protective of the boy magician than ever?

Clue: Candlestick #1

MAR190723 (W) Dash Shaw (A/CA) Dash Shaw All of your favorite suspicious characters are back in this new brain twister based on the timeless detective game. Ripe with puzzles, secrets, and lies, in CLUE: CANDLESTICK everyone's a suspect! Cartoonist auteur Dash Shaw unleashes his murderous imagination on the quirky, thrilling and mysterious world of Clue! From the creative mind that brought you the animated movie, My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea! Visionary creator Dash Shaw re-imagines the world of Clue in this suspense-filled, murder mystery! Each extra-length issue also features brand new Clue game cards based on the comic!

Faithless #2

MAR191283 (W) Brian Azzarello (A) Maria Llovet (CA) Paul Pope Faith is drawn into a new world when she attends a party at the home of world renown artist Louis Thorn. It's a world of opulence, excess, and sensuality-and something darker that she can't put her finger on. There is something... curious about these people, a darkness or shadow just at the edge of reason... and maybe it is exactly what Faith is looking for.