Femme Power Picks: May 1st!!

Between Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones, we are coming off a weekend where badass women in pop-culture are reigning supreme! We plan to continue that momentum right into the list of comics below. Here, we like to believe badass ladies always reign supreme.

This week we have an amazing mix of superpowered femme heroes and folx being badass heroes in their everyday lives. We get two stories featuring one of our favorite inhumans, Ms. Marvel, in both Champions #5 and Marvel Team-Up #2. We also have an exciting new graphic novel featuring the one and only Selina Kyle (who you may know better as Catwoman)! In the story, titled Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale, we find a teenage Catwoman trying to make it on her own on the streets of Gotham. Though this comes out of DC Comics new teen line and is about a teen anti-hero, this is a grittier look at the character and potentially not for the faint of heart (you may have heard DC issued "warnings" about the book due to story lines about trauma and other "adult" content). Nonetheless they released a preview a few months back to comic shop owners and we have heard nothing but good things from those folx!

Speaking of graphic novels, there are two in particular we want to draw your attention to this week: I Was Their American Dream and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me. Full disclosure, we received preview copies for both of these books, and we loved them both! Though coming from different perspectives and tackling different subject matter, both books have overlapping themes regarding the challenges of coming-of-age in the U.S., especially when you come from a minority group (whether that be racial/ethnic or sexual orientation). While one text lays out these challenges at length, displaying the differences with humor and heart, the second turns this on its head, presenting different stories and experiences as equally present fact. We are a sucker for a good coming-of-age story and both of these books really knocked it out of the park for us!

Scroll through all of our recommendations for May 1st's New Comic Book Day, listed below! Each title, listed below in alphabetical order, includes cover art and a brief description. To learn more about each title, click on the cover art image and head over to Previews World!

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Adventures of the Super Sons #10

MAR190481 (W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Scott Godlewski, Matt Santorelli (CA) Dan Mora It's the runaway train from hell! Superboy and Robin better hold on for dear life as they ride a 20-megaton cosmic engine of mass combustion (that's a pun!) into their final battle with Rex Luthor! But Rex has got a brand-new army of shiny young super-villains ready to conquer all they survey...will the son of Batman and the son of Superman be enough to stop him?

Alice at Naptime OGN

MAR191975 (W) Shea Proulx (A/CA) Shea Proulx A beautifully poetic exploration of being both a new mother and an artist, told using Shea's unique graphic novel approach. When Alice was born her mother only found time to draw her while she napped. Alice is multiplied in a tapestry of selves, while the narrative muses on the meeting of former and future selves. A universal story of a parent pining for past freedoms, while simultaneously descending down a rabbit hole of all-encompassing paternal love. Available in softcover and hardcover editions.

Aurora Borealice OGN

MAR191671 (W) Joan Steacy (A) Joan Steacy A memoir of triumph over the education system. When Joan Steacy graduated from High School in 1974, she left her small town behind to embark on a lifelong quest for education. In Aurora Borealice, Steacy explores her personal journey through alter-ego Alice, a functional illiterate with a creative mind and an astonishing amount of artistic skill. The book is a lesson in perseverance and ultimately believing in yourself regardless of the challenges thrown your way.

Champions #5

MAR190823 (W) Jim Zub (A) Juanan Ramirez (CA) Aaron Kim Jacinto WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! • The War of the Realms rages across Midgard, bringing together heroes from across the globe to fight for our world against mythic evil. • In the midst of this chaos, the Champions need...Scott Summers? • Cyclops reunites with the Champions, all grown up!

DC's Year of the Villain #1

MAR190460 (W) Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Snyder, James TynionIV (A) Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev, Francis Manapul (CA) Greg Capullo Evil is winning! Lex Luthor and The Legion of Doom conspire with Cosmic Gods, bending mankind toward a dark destiny. Elsewhere, the scourge of Leviathan spreads unchecked, seizing power in every corner of the world. And all the while the Batman Who Laughs busies himself in the shadows, aligned with no one-yet with sinister plans for all. The carnage starts here as the badguys take center stage in "The Year of the Villain," the most treacherous event in DC Comics history. Some act with united goals, others with plans selfish and secret, every one of them on a monstrous collision course against Batman, Superman and the heroes of the DC Universe. And our heroes will fail us. Don't miss the start of "The Year of the Villain," featuring the talents of writers Brian Michael Bendis, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, artists Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev and Francis Manapul and cover artist Greg Capullo-all for just $0.25!

Doctor Who The Thirteenth Doctor #7

FEB191998 (W) Jody Houser (A) Rachael Stott, Giorgia Sposito, Arianna Florean (CA) Sanya Anwar The Thirteenth Doctor continues her second comic adventure under the pen of Eisner Award nominee Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Faith, Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows)! Gorgeous art from Rachael Stott, Giorgia Sposito, and Eren Enrica Angiolini sends fans old and new on fresh adventures through time and space!

Domino Hotshots #3

MAR190946 (W) Gail Simone (A) David Baldeon (CA) R. B. Silva, Guru eFX Behold! The Creation Constellation! • What does it do? You know, besides incite an international arms race between the most powerful governments in the world...

The Dreaming #9

MAR190509 (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Bilquis Evely (CA) Yanick Paquette Chapter 9: "Entrances and Reflections." It seeks him here, it seeks him there, The nightmare seeks him everywhere. Is he in faerie, or among damned screams...? That doomed, elusive Lord of Dreams...

Female Furies #4

MAR190514 (W) Cecil Castellucci (A) Adriana Melo (CA) Walter Simonson Is there life beyond the confines of Apokolips? Scott Free, the future Mister Miracle, is about to find out. But when Big Barda plays a role in his escape, it could spell trouble not just for her potential promotion to the role