Femme Power Picks: June 26th!!

Scroll through our recommendations for June 26th's New Comic Book Day, listed below!

There are three new series starting this week and they cover quite a diverse range of genres! First we have IDW's new fantasy adventure Canto, which follows a group of creatures whose hearts have been replaced by clocks. When a young girl's clock is damaged by the people who have enslaved them, Canto must go on an epic adventure to retrieve her heart and save her life! Next we head to the White House circa 1981 to meet fictional First Daughter Marilyn and her best friend Abe (who claims to be possessed by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln) as they plan a raging party, complete with sex, drugs, rock n' roll, seances, and government secrets. What else could a party need? We're excited to find out when we pick up Marilyn Manor #1, written by the amazing Magdalene Visaggio! Last but not least on our new series list- Samurai Grandpa! After retiring the blade and stepping away from the samurai life, Ojichan fears he must return after his granddaughter is kidnapped!

In the world of graphic novels, the big title this week is DC's Teen Titans: Raven! This new young adult graphic novel takes a modern take on the character, finding her moving to New Orleans after an accident takes the life of her foster mother and her memory. Starting over in a new school and city is hard enough, but when strange and seemingly impossible things start happening, Raven isn't sure she even wants to know who she was before the accident. We've been hearing early rave reviews from book conventions for months, so we can't wait to read it for ourselves!

We also have some returning favorites this week such as Avant-Guards, Deadly Class, Magnificent Ms. Marvel, Tokyo Tarareba Girls and so many other Femme Power Comix favorites!

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Each title, listed below in alphabetical order, includes cover art and a brief description. To learn more about each title, click on the cover art image and head over to Previews World!

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Angel #2

JUN191257 (W) Bryan Edward Hill (A) Gleb Melnikov (CA) Dan Panosian

The landmark reimagining of ANGEL continues here from Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics, Killmonger), Gleb Melnikov and series creator Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel's The Avengers). As Angel recovers for a devastating loss in Sunnydale, he must unravel the mysteries surrounding this new kind of monster. How can Angel fight something he can't see? When and who will it strike next? And who is the new mysterious woman... and what do they have to do with Angel's future? Features the first appearance of fan favorite character Fred Burkle!

Ascender #3

APR190114 (W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Dustin Nguyen "THE HAUNTED GALAXY," Part Three (of Five) Andy, his feisty daughter Mila, and his faithful companion Bandit flee the deadly Militia and the tranquil life they tried to forge after the events of DESCENDER-dodging Froxes, Giants, and killer Vamps all the while! Plus: revelations of what really happened to Effie, and how they ended up on this strange planet.

Avant-Guards #6

APR191244 (W) Carly Usdin (A/CA) Noah Hayes Reeling from a crushing defeat at the hands of the Selfies, the Avant-Guards must rediscover their team spirit and remember what makes them love the game. It doesn't help that a member of their team is horribly smitten with a Selfie player.

Avengers #20

APR190750 (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Ed McGuinness WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! The final battle for Midgard! Captain Marvel leads the War Avengers! Hulk battles Ulik! Blade takes on the Black Berserkers of Roxxon! Plus: Daredevil the God Without Fear has a cryptic message that will decide the future of the team.

Bad Luck Chuck #4

APR190274 (W) Lela Gwenn (A/CA) Matthew Dow Smith Cursed at birth, Charlene "Chuck" Manchester hires out her own bad luck, providing disaster where someone else can profit-but now disaster is coming home to roost! The cops want her, the evangelists want her, and a highly motivated insurance adjuster wants her-Chuck ran to the one place she's ever been safe, and now she's brought a hellish alliance down on her sanctuary, led by a vengeful mob boss.

Black Panther #13

APR190860 (W) Ta-Nehisi Coates (A/CA) Daniel Acuna A NEW ARC - AND FIRST CONTACT WITH WAKANDA PRIME! "TWO THOUSAND SEASONS" STARTS HERE! Weeks ago, the Black Panther disappeared on a mission into deep space, leaving behind his country, his family and the woman he loves. Find out at last what Wakanda Prime has done without its king. As the race against N'Jadaka's expansion continues, the goddess Bast makes a dramatic move and T'Challa reaches out for the life he left behind!

Bone Parish #10

APR191230 (W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Jonas Scharf With the walls closing in and their supporters dwindling, it'll take everything the Winters family has to make it through the war. It's no longer about the supply, the ash, or the money. Now, they fight to survive.

Books of Magic #9

APR190456 (W) Kat Howard (A) Tom Fowler, Brian Churilla (CA) Kai Carpenter The Cult of the Cold Flame has trapped Ellie in a book. Will she be able to take control of the situation and change her sentence?

Canto #1

APR190645 (W) David M. Booher (A/CA) Drew Zucker Canto's adventure begins! Enslaved for generations, Canto's people once had hearts. Now they have clocks. When slavers damage a little tin girl's clock beyond repair, Canto must brave his strange and fantastic world to bring back her heart. Can he overcome the dangers that await to save the one he loves?

An all-ages fable inspired by Wizard of Oz and Dante's Inferno. Part fantasy. Part adventure. All heart.

Deadly Class #39

JAN190290 (W) Rick Remender (A) Jordan Boyd (A/CA) Wesley Craig "NEVER GO BACK," Part Four-Marcus returns to Kings Dominion with a head full of nightmares and a heart full of holes.

Eve Stranger #2

MAR190745 (W) David Barnett (A/CA) Philip Bond Eve Stranger can do anything thanks to the nanotech that she has to inject every week to stay alive... anything except remember who she is or where she's been. Her talents sold by the shadowy E.V.E. Project to the highest bidder, Eve's latest mission takes her to history-drenched Prague to face a monster who must be stopped. High-octane adventure, weird science, and doomed romance meet the jet-set in "Retrograde"!

Ghost Tree #3

APR190641 (W) Bobby Curnow (A/CA) Simon Gane A sinister force grows in strength as Brandt discovers more secrets about his past and his family's connection to the Ghost Tree. Will Brandt be able to discover his true purpose in Japan in time to save himself?

Glow #3

MAR190691 (W) Tini Howard (A/CA) Hannah Templer Based on the hit Netflix show! The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling quickly realize that there's no way they're going to be able to beat these real, muscle-y professional wrestlers! With morale low, Ruth has to come up with a new plan, and she's going to make sure they win-even if they have to lose!

High Level #5

APR190480 (W) Rob Sheridan (A) Barnaby Bagenda, Romulo Fajardo (CA) Otto Schmidt Religious cults, terrorist cells, witch tribes, mutants, mafias, sunken cities, drug dens, false prophets, real prophets, fetish camps, cybernetic enhancement junkies...Thirteen and Minnow have survived them all just to get to this moment. At last, our heroes arrive at High Level. But will the legends prove true? The answers will shock you.

Isola #8

MAR190215 (W) Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl (A) Msassyk (A/CA) Karl Kerschl A stranger leads Olwyn and Rook to question their journey.

Justice League Dark #12

APR190482 (W) James TynionIV (A/CA) Alvaro Eduardo Martinez Bueno, Raul Fernandez Newly powered up by Mordru, the Justice League Dark have become the Lords of Chaos to stop Doctor Fate before it's too late! But will this deal with the devil cost more than Wonder Woman and her team bargained for?

Kick-Ass #15

APR190154 (W) Steve Niles (A/CA) Marcelo Frusin Maurice is tightening his grip on Kick-Ass. He has knowledge that would destroy her empire and her family, and he wants a cut of her blood money. Meanwhile, the Russians are trying to lure her out of hiding to take her empire down once and for all.

Life is Strange #6

APR191975 (W) Emma Vieceli (A/CA) Claudia Leonardi The official Life is Strange comic series, acclaimed by fans and critics alike! Beloved heroines Max and Chloe return in a new story, following on from the smash hit first arc! Plus: the highly anticipated arrival of fan-favorite characters from the games!