Femme Power Picks: February 6th

Scroll through our recommendations for February 6th's New Comic Book Day, listed below!

We probably picked way too many things for this week, but we're excited because this week is a comics buffet! There are titles to look forward to in virtually every category, from horror to manga to adventure and new children's books! Two new titles we want to highlight this week are Female Furies and The Girl in the Bay! Female Furies, from DC, follows the always badass Big Barda and the rest of the Female Furies as they prove they are just as powerful warriors as the guys. The Girl in the Bay weaves an interesting mystery about a young woman who is thrown in Sheepshead Bay only to emerge 50 years later, and look as though no time has passed. Not only must she discover who threw her in and how she could possibly be alive and un-aged after so much time has passed, but she must also discover the identity of the woman who has been posing as her all this time! We love a good mystery and this is high on our list. As the Captain Marvel movie is fast approaching, we also wanted to point out the True Believers issues this week! These are a great opportunity to read classic stories that have been reprinted for just $1!

Each title, listed below in alphabetical order, includes cover art and a brief description. To learn more about each title, click on the cover art image and head over to Previews World!

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Asgardians of the Galaxy #6

DEC180988 (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Matteo Buffagni (CA) Jamal Campbell "Nothing for nothing - everything has its price." In accordance with her personal code, Loki promised Angela a gift in exchange for her help against Nebula. And the debt is coming due. But Angela is about to get a whole lot more than she asked for - including a run-in with Yondu Udonta and his ... new Ravagers?! Fans of Cullen Bunn, C.M. Punk and Scott Hepburn's 2016 Drax series rejoice as Planet Terry, Pip and Kammi clash with the Asgardians!

Avengers #14

DEC180932 (W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) David Marquez THE WAR OF THE VAMPIRES BEGINS! TRANSYLVANIA IS BURNING! As vampire civil war throws the world into chaos, the mysterious Shadow Colonel and his squad of undead revolutionaries have one burning question on their murderous minds: Where is Dracula? And if the Avengers find him first, will the lord of the damned be friend or foe?

Bigby Bear GN

DEC181916 (W) Philippe Coudray (A/CA) Philippe Coudray A series of vignettes on imagination, science, mathematics, and the life of our planet, shared from the perspective of a curious bear and his furry, forest-dwelling friends! Bigby Bear lives peacefully in the lush mountains where he was born. Struggling to figure out nature and its elements, Bigby engages in silly experiments of all kinds. Accompanied by his loyal rabbit friend, he gives us the secret to living a happy, simple life: to follow your curiosity, and make friends along the way. A feel-good tale for all ages.

Black AF: Devil's Dye #2

NOV181583 (W) Vita Ayala (A) Liana Kangas (CA) Maika Sozo Indigo, Waters, and X have traced the supply of VANTA to a single source - an old nemesis, SAVAGE, who has re-branded himself a businessman and is running the drug from his nightclub. The trio arrive in style and get to work, managing to get to Savage and getting the name of his supplier. That name triggers a reaction in Indigo that is more dangerous that VANTA ever could be, and her partners may not be able to keep her from going past the point of no return...

Champions #2

DEC180942 (W) Jim Zub (A) Steven Cummings (CA) Aaron Kim Jacinto • When the dream is at stake, everything you believe in and have fought dearly for, what would you be willing to sacrifice to keep it alive? • One of the Champions has made a choice that will haunt them for the rest of their days... And now the villain behind that decision has everything they need to shatter the next generation of heroes. • Jim Zub (AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER, UNCANNY AVENGERS) and Steven Cummings (Wayward, Legends of the Dark Knight) take the Champions into uncharted territory, and the team will never be the same.

Chronin Vol 01

DEC182106 (W) Alison Wilgus (A/CA) Alison Wilgus Samurai Jack meets Back to the Future in Alison Wilgus's full-length debut, an action-packed time travel adventure. 2042, New York City: A day in the life of college student Mirai Yoshida means studying Japanese history, learning swordmanship, flirting with her TA, and preparing to travel to Japan in 1864. Everything changes once she goes back to the past. Mirai and her classmates are ambushed by rebel samurai. Her friends are killed, her time travel machine is lost, and Mirai ends up marooned. In order to survive, she disguises herself as a wandering samurai and is hired by Hatsu, a tea waitress, as bodyguard for her travels. Mirai has to find her way back to the future soon, or else she may be the first casualty on the bloody front lines of a conflict that is destined to shape a nation.

Die #3

DEC180240 (W) Kieron Gillen (A/CA) Stephanie Hans "FANTASY HEARTBREAKER," Part Three: One of the saddest comics in Kieron's career. One of Stephanie's prettiest. Clayton's lettering, of course, remains impeccable.

Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #4

NOV182009 (W) Jody Houser (A) Rachael Stott (CA) Giorgia Sposito The time-twisting conclusion of the Thirteenth Doctor's first comic adventure, from Eisner-nominated writer Jody Houser (Faith, Mother Panic, Stranger Things)! Illustrated by award-winning artist Rachael Stott (Doctor Who) and colorist Enrica Angiolini (Shades of Magic)!

Dreaming #6

DEC180555 (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Bilquis Evely (CA) Jae Lee Finally determined to solve the riddle of herself, Dora is out for blood. But Judge Gallows, the usurper, has taken precautions to protect himself. As the whole of the Dreaming trembles with the sick new power he wields, the oldest brotherly feud in existence takes a wretched turn...a blood sacrifice is made...the chrysalis cracks...and a new thing, an impossible thing, an indomitable thing, is born at last...

Empty Man #4

DEC181361 (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Jesus Hervas (CA) Vanesa R. Del Rey Hell has broken loose in the neighborhood, and the Kerry family must flee to escape the deadly effects of the Empty